Can Automic Automation be upgraded from older versions to to the latest
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Can Automic Automation be upgraded from older versions to to the latest


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Is it possible to upgrade Automic Automation from an out of support version to the latest version?  For example, can 11.2 be upgraded to 21.0?


As long as the db folders are in place for the versions being upgraded from and to and for all versions in between, this is possible.  

Looking at the directory structure for the /db/general (and /db/[database]) folder delivered with 21.0.0, the following is seen:

The versions 11.2 for this example (the out of support version being upgraded from) and 21.0 exist (the version being upgraded to) and all versions in between: 12.0, 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 21.0 are here so a direct upgrade can be done.

All versions can be seen here: under the Automation.Engine section.

Additional Information

A best practice that many customers use is to upgrade first to the latest service pack of the oldest supported version and then upgrade to the latest.  For example, if a customer is upgrading from v10 and the following are currently supported:

12.2 (latest service pack 12.2.10)
12.3 (latest service pack 12.3.8)
21.0 (latest service pack 21.0.0)

many customers will upgrade to 12.2.10 and then to 21.0.  We would suggest making this step as short as possible so that the system is on the latest version as quickly as possible.