Remove Nimsoft WAR from an Identity Suite 14.3 sp2
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Remove Nimsoft WAR from an Identity Suite 14.3 sp2


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CA Identity Manager


How to safely remove Nimsoft WAR from an Identity Suite 14.3 sp2 standalone (non-VAPP) installation


Release : 14.3

Component : Identity Manager




1) Stop IDM service and delete the folder ca-nim-sm.war

2) Modify application.xml which is under standalone\deployments\iam_im.ear\META-INF and remove CA_NIM_SM module

 <module id="CA_NIM_SM">

3) Modify jboss-deployment-structure.xml on the same folder and remove the following

 <sub-deployment name="ca-nim-sm.war">
         <!-- Exclude the ``javaee.api`` module which contains all JEE6 apis-->
         <module name="javaee.api" /> 
         <!-- Manually add all JEE6-apis except the, javax.json.api -->
         <module name="javax.activation.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.annotation.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.batch.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.ejb.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.el.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.enterprise.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.enterprise.concurrent.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.inject.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.interceptor.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.jms.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.jws.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.mail.api" export="true" />
         <module name="" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.persistence.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.resource.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.rmi.api" export="true" />
         <module name=""
             export="true" />
         <module name="" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.servlet.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.servlet.jsp.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.transaction.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.validation.api" export="true" />
         <!-- <module name="" export="true" services="export"/> -->
         <module name="javax.xml.bind.api" export="true" />
         <module name="javax.xml.soap.api" export="true" />
         <module name="" export="true" />
         <!-- This one always goes last. -->
         <module name="javax.api" export="true" />
         <!-- Avoid conflict with Xalan Jar in our library dir -->
   <module name="org.apache.xalan" />
   <!-- Required as part of NIM 3.2 integration -->
   <module name="com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj" export="true" />

4) Restart IDM.