View - Need the process to recreate a missing report
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View - Need the process to recreate a missing report


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I am missing GEN 18693 of View sysout ID ABCDE001-DEC. The tape data set that contained this report was accidentally scratched.

I have a text copy of the report in its entirety.

Is it possible to recreate the data set in the necessary format, using the text file as input, to place the report back into the View database?


Release : 14.0

Component : View


As the report has a name of ABCDE001-DEC, the report came to View from Deliver.

The process would be:

 . Access Deliver and find the job that normally creates the ABCDE001-DEC report and find the particular information regarding Jobname, job execution class, and sysout class.

 . This information would be used in Deliver's pre-spool processing of the report. 

 . In the Job definition for the report, find the information regarding Stepname / Procstepname / DDname. 

 . In the Report definition, use the "T" command, to see if there is any related Text Identification information.

 . In View, determine the Archive Date and Time of the report, when it was originally ceated. 

 . It would help if the text copy of the report in question has the carriage control information, as it will be necessary to process the report with it.

 . With the above information, create a job using the above information, to reintroduce the report to View.

 . After the report is in View, use the SARBCH /CHANGE function to alter the Archive Date and Time.