Masking script does not create any logs when executing through portal
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Masking script does not create any logs when executing through portal


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I am trying to execute Javelin workflow (masking) via portal.
It created Audit files and logs when masking flow is executed via javelin, however, when the same javelin flow is executed via portal it does create the audit file but does NOT create any masking logs.

Tried running the scripts from user admin and my user but no luck.


Javelin 4.9.X
TDM Portal 4.9.1.X


The portal runs under a service account so the default log location will be different from a user running the Javelin process manually


When you run the Javelin process manually the FDM masking logs are stored in the user profile running the job.

Example Location for that user:

When the same Javelin flow is run from the portal is being run as the Service account on the service.
By default, this is the localsystem account.
The default location for the localsystem account profile is:

the full path to the log files would be:

Note: If the TDM Portal is running as an LDAP User account then the path will be to that user's profile directory.