Autosys server running out of space - $AUTOUSER/audit
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Autosys server running out of space - $AUTOUSER/audit


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CA Workload Automation AE


We are facing space issues on our Autosys server . It appears that the audit directory ($AUTOUSER/audit) is consuming more space . We see lot of files that begin with IAMt_saf* and IAMt_idk*. Could you please explain  what these files are?


-rw-r--r--. 1 autoprd users 8389409 Jan  5 10:03 IAMt_saf_3465701765749292904-host1231639125260117-16469633052.7527



Release : 12.0

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The IAM* files in the autouser audit directory are typically short lived files.
They contain AutoSys EEM auditing information which should get sent to the EEM server.
EEM then writes the information to its audit.log and the IAM files on the AutoSys host are deleted.
We have seen instances where either the AE host cannot contact the EEM server to transfer the files or one of the IAM* audit files are corrupt/damaged and it then prevents the newer ones from being sent.  

In the second case, often deleting the oldest IAM audit file will allow thing to get back on track, assuming the AE host can communicate with EEM. 

You can also stop the as_server, delete all the IAM files and then restart the as_server (forcing it to re-establish a connection to EEM and discarding the audit information if it is not needed)