netconnect.cfg file is corrupt
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netconnect.cfg file is corrupt


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We are having issues related to netconnect.cfg file which is corrupted many times. Due to this, the monitoring is down for all profiles configured in net_connect. We would like to know if there is any mechanism available to monitor the net_connect.cfg file and notify if it is corrupted . In our case corrupted means cfg file is blank. This happens at least once per month.


Release : 20.3


- net_connect v3.04


- unknown


net_connect version 3.04 is a very old version last updated in 2014 and 12 versions back from the current GA version of v3.38.

Download and deploy the latest GA version which has been updated as recently as December 2021, from here:

636 KB is not too large.

841 profiles is fine as the probe has been tested with up to 25k profiles several versions ago.

Note that if you cannot upgrade for some reason, I would recommend that you check the Windows events for any crashes/hangs for the net_connect probe in the Application log, and/or the System log around the time you noticed it or the next time it happens to occur.

Additionally, to monitor the size of the net_connect.cfg file using the dirscan probe and generate an alarm if it is decreased or emptied, use this configuration:

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