Issue with Azure device ID on cloned virtual machine (vm)
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Issue with Azure device ID on cloned virtual machine (vm)


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During enrolment, a device sent an Azure device ID (this ID is used to lookup/search a matching device for update, if present).  But the device found that the Azure device ID already existed and updated the same device twice.


You cloned a vm on which you have configured Azure. So the newly-cloned vm has the same Azure ID as the one you cloned from. 

The Azure ID must be unique for each vm instance.


In case the golden image is created from the Machine that already has been joined in Azure AD, then, after cloning of the image, need to rejoin the "new (cloned)" machine into Azure AD.

Additional Information

Click the following link to view instructions by VMware on how to create a golden image. 

Preparing a Golden Image Virtual Machine

Configure your device settings