DX APM / DOI for event management & integration with Service Now
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DX APM / DOI for event management & integration with Service Now


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DX Application Performance Management


Using Broadcom as a event management solution.

Currently, we receive alerts from several sources including email, SNMP traps, and server agents. Depending on the alert, we then generate incidents in Service Now.

Does Broadcom have an integration with Service Now?



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Integration of DX Operational Intelligence with ServiceNow enables you to:
Create ServiceNow tickets for DX Operational Intelligence alarms manually or automatically (Using policies).
Maintain the following alarm information between DX Operational Intelligence and its associated ServiceNow ticket:
Status of alarms
The current assignee (troubleshooter) assigned to tickets
The severity of alarms. Currently, severity can be mapped from DX OI to ServiceNow.
Annotation Update. If you update Annotation for a service alarm in DX OI, the associated ServiceNow ticket gets updated.
Launch ServiceNow directly from the DX Operational Intelligence ticket.


Please find the hyperlinks / Guide below for additional information. : 

Before You Begin ServiceNow Integration