Reverse engineering native COBOL code to Gen
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Reverse engineering native COBOL code to Gen


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Are there experiences or any software tools recommended to reverse engineering native COBOL code Into Gen?


Release : 8.62

Component : CA Gen General Misc. Questions


Currently there is no Gen feature available to enable Reverse Engineering of COBOL to Gen.
That is per Gen Product Owner Kim Peelman's reply on Community thread: RE: Reverse Engineering Native COBOL code
Broadcom does not currently have a feature enabling reverse engineering of native code into Gen.

Sounds like a good candidate for Community Ideas. With enough interest we may be able to look into something like this. I'd certainly like to know which customers need this and what use cases it could satisfy.

Inline with that reply, historically there have been some related features/offerings but they are no longer available i.e.

1. Gen used to have a Reverse Engineering option, but support for it was dropped in the Gen 6.5 release. This option would essentially create the Gen Data Model using input from COBOL copybook members, DL/I DBDs, and/or DB2 DCLGENs.

2. Gen used to have the Connector for COBOL product, but support for it was dropped in the Gen 7.0 release. This product would essentially help to more easily create an EAB interface to call existing COBOL programs.

3. In early 2000s externally there was a product called RescueWare from company named Relativity Technologies which seems to have been able create Gen models from existing COBOL programs. It is not known what happened to this company.

4. In 2004 there was an "AllFusion Gen Legacy Renewal" offering which did not attract much interest and so was discontinued.

If a short term solution is required i.e. cannot wait for a Gen product enhancement per the Community Idea, then it may be appropriate to engage Broadcom Services (via Broadcom account manager) to scope requirements or alternatively engage directly with a Gen partner e.g. Facet Consulting.

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