Moving multiple objects inc. Client out of <No Folder> shows success
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Moving multiple objects inc. Client out of <No Folder> shows success


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CA Automic One Automation


When selecting multiple objects in the <No Folder> and having the Client object be one of those, and drag and dropping those objects outside of the <No Folder>, a message shows up:

Move successful Open Folder

However the Client object does not move.  Attempting to drag and drop just the client does not show a success or failure to move the objects.


Release : 12.3



The documented behavior is as designed.  The documentation includes the following note:

Note: The Client object cannot be moved out of <No Folder> because it is the base for all other objects within the Client and must be always at root level.

There is no success or failure message when attempting to move just the Client object out of the <No Folder> as it is implied that the move was not successful due to the Client object staying in the <No Folder>.  There is a success for the other objects when multiple objects including the Client object are selected as the other objects are successfully moved.  An enhancement request would be needed to state the Client object cannot be moved.