Restmon errors and inventory data not showing in OI
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Restmon errors and inventory data not showing in OI


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DX Operational Intelligence


We have observed an issue with performance metrics ingestion into OI SAAS. We have started the Restmon for metrics with new build but we are getting the error and inventory data also not showing in OI.

We see below errors in Restmon log.

ERROR SupportabilityManagerPoller:80 - Harvest supportability failed: 503,0,b01b53120f0204c5: Service Unavailable,

INFO  SendToDOI:157 - Sent chunk, document 0 of 1 with category ALARMS to DOI, time taken 112, status HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable

[ProfileHandler|solarwinds~~solarwinds] ERROR ReadinessChecker:164 - Error connecting to API endpoint

[ProfileHandler|solarwinds~~solarwinds] ERROR ReadinessChecker:74 - Oi Endpoint API is out of service

[ProfileHandler|solarwinds~~solarwinds] ERROR CustomHealthChecker:186 - The application's readiness state is disabled with event OI_API_CHECK


Release : 20.2

Component : CA DOI RESTMON


Some of the configuration is missing and ingestion started properly once the missing attributes are updated.