Single Server :Multiple .Net Agents: reporting
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Single Server :Multiple .Net Agents: reporting


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Query –  I wanted to check how to monitor a particular application or a group of applications by a .Net agent if n number of applications are hosted on the IIS ?

What if my application pool and worker process are same for all the application hosted in the same IIS ?

Please provide more examples consisting of an Application-Specific Configuration.


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Response –   .NET agent is installed on each system that hosts the managed .NET applications you want to monitor. At time of the .NET agent startup, one agent instance is created for the CLR’s default domain. In addition, one .NET agent instance is created for each application running in the CLR.

This illustration shows a managed ASP.NET application that has one IIS worker process in each domain where one .NET agent has been started:

If multiple .NET applications are grouped together in an IIS application pool that share a single worker process, there is one .NET agent for the default domain, and still one .NET agent for each of the applications in the application pool, as shown in the following illustration:

For scalability reasons, multiple worker processes can be assigned to a single application. Therefore, one .NET agent instance is created for the default domain, and one for each of the worker processes is associated with the application, as per below illustration:

If there are multiple worker processes, and hence multiple .NET agents associated with a single managed application, you need to configure those agents as a virtual agent. The configuration enables metrics from multiple physical .NET agents to be aggregated.

For further details, please refer to APM Configuration and Administration Guide