Restmon Supportability Metric Heartbeat values meaning
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Restmon Supportability Metric Heartbeat values meaning


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


Enabled OI Restmon to send Supportability Metrics to APM.
Metric path in APM ui:
SuperDomain|newoiservices|opendataconnector|<instance>|Heartbeat|pulse:Heartbeat - 
The value there switches between 0 and 6 every 15 seconds. Can't find documentation on what different values mean. If we increase the resolution, we see it being constantly 6.



Release : 21.3

Component : CA DOI RESTMON


The heartbeat is meant to switch between 0 and 6. If it is flipping regularly (every 15 seconds) it means Restmon is working fine. If it has flatlined (either at 0 or 6) it means things aren't working as it should.

To see if Restmon is working fine, just query over a range, say last ten minutes and if the sum is 120 (40 samples, 20 with 0 and 20 with 6) +/- 6 then Restmon is working fine. Otherwise it has been missing samples. That shows up as degraded. No samples at all means dead.