Virtual Appliance's users. Do we have ROOT user access into VAPP?
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Virtual Appliance's users. Do we have ROOT user access into VAPP?


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What are the available VAPP users clients have access to?

How can we log into VAPP as the superuser, or ROOT, user?


Virtual Appliance 14.x


In a Virtual Appliance environment, we have four possible users available for clients to access and administer their VAPP deployment.  These users are described in the documentation link Switching Users 

config is the default user for VAPP ssh console access. 
dsa is the CA Directory user. 
imps is the Provisioning Server user
oracle is the Oracle database user
Note: The Oracle user is available only when you deploy VAPP in Demo or Sandbox mode, using the embedded Oracle XPress database.

Broadcom has sole custody of the credentials for the ROOT user.   Broadcom considers this proprietary information and will not share or assist with accessing VAPP as the ROOT user.    
There are other users (shown below) who are also considered internal proprietary data and are not available for end-user access. 



Additional Information

There are some situations and problems which result in the VAPP permissions needing to be reset.  Any condition that requires the permissions to be updated will require a patch from the support organization.