Add Additional Fields to Incident Creation in ARIA
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Add Additional Fields to Incident Creation in ARIA


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Is it possible to add additional fields to incident creation in ARIA, 

This will not allow you to create a ticket with custom defined fields at the time of ticket creation, but you can use a template to define which fields will be automatically filled when Virtual Analyst creates a ticket.


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Virtual Analyst


In Service Desk go to Administration > xFlow Interface > ServicePoint > Configurations

Click the name of the configuration in use.

Scroll down and click 4. Feature Configurations

Click Add Feature

In the "Create New Feature" Window Click Name > Virtual Analyst Create Incident Template

Then Go Back to the ServicePoint Configuration Detail Window and click "Virtual Analyst Create Incident Template" > Edit

Here you can click Value and Select an Incident with the values you wish to prepopulate the incident with.

Click Save.