Freeing heavily used up disk partition space
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Freeing heavily used up disk partition space


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Freeing heavily used up disk partition space


For the partition space full issue reported, please complete the below and send us 

  1. run "df -h" in order to find the disk allocation on the server:

  2. Looking for the partition which is low in available space usage, most of the time it's in /var (where all the cache and logs are written to).
  3. Navigate to /var and check the disk usage of the following directories:
    1. /var/tmp
    2. /var/log
    3. /var/fireglass
    4. /var/crash
    5. /var/cache/browser_cache/cache
  4. If you found that /var/cache/browser_cache/cache usage is the one consuming alot of the disk space, run the next command in order to clear all the closed tabs:

    fireglass@fireglass-vb4:/var/cache/browser_cache/cache$ CLIENT_IDS=$(sudo fgcli stats all | grep 'client_id\"' | awk -F'"' '{printf("%s\\|", $4)}' ); ls /var/cache/browser_cache/cache/ | grep -v "{$CLIENT_IDS::-2}" | xargs -I {} sh -c
    "echo removing /var/cache/browser_cache/cache/{} && rm -rf /var/cache/browser_cache/cache/{} && echo removed /var/cache/browser_cache/cache/{}"

  5. Look for big files in /var/tmp, most of the files in this directory can be removed (if you suspect that a specific files can't-leave it)

  6. All the other directories listed above, use the command "ll -Srh" to have a simple summary for the size of each file (ordered by their size) and remove the ones not relevant.

Customer may share the full output, from running the "df -h" script. For any directory with the very high space utilization, please remove what's irrelevant, to free the needed space. This is the way to resolve the disk space utilization issues.