"MOVEBACK" Icon missing After updating patch level to 24.005
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"MOVEBACK" Icon missing After updating patch level to 24.005


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CA Plex


After updating patch level to  24.005 customer reported problem of missing icon from the Plex Directory. Users can go back to subroutine call statement using ‘CTRL+B’ keys combination.

However, with the build update 27.005 the new function "Moveback" was introduced. Apparently, the associated icon is missing in the Plex directory, which results in the icons differing by one to the left from the functionality of the button. 



Release : 7.21

Component : Plex


Missing "Moveback" function key


This Hyper fix should be applied on top of Plex r7.2.1 PTF Build 005 only, and this fix is provided in the form of ZIP archive file.

1. Download the Hyperfix CAPLEX721PTFBUILD005HIPER.zip from support site.  https://support.broadcom.com/web/ecx/solutiondetails?aparNo=99111238&os=WINDOWS-ALL
2. Extract CAPLEX721PTFBUILD005HIPER.zip file.
3. Close All Plex instances.
4. Go to Plex installation directory e.g. <C:\Program Files (x86)\ca\Plex\7.2.1>
5. Make a backup copy of existing files Plex.exe, Ob721ad.dll, Ob721sr.dll in your Plex installation directory and replace them with the files got from step #2.
5.1. For Japanese locale, make a backup copy Ob721sr.jpn and replace with file got from step #2.
6. For Java runtime, go to Plex installation directory e.g. <C:\ProgramData\CA\Plex\7.2.1\ObJava\Lib>
6.1. Make a backup copy of ObRun.jar and replace the ObRun.jar got from step #2.
6.2. Go to Plex installation directory e.g. <C:\ProgramData\CA\Plex\7.2.1\ObJava\bin>
6.2.1. Copy SecureJavaDBPWD.jar file got from step #2.