How to change power LED status to the normal
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How to change power LED status to the normal


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The Power LED is solid Amber after turn the power on the SA sensor, but SA sensor seems look normal running.  Solid amber means that the unit is still booting as below matrix.  

This matrix is the expected LED status from the Quick Start Guide. 


Hardware Generation 7. SA 8.2.x

Gen7 SA-S500 quick start guide(H/W) to see original LED status and others.


Before run the command which is changing LED status on CLI with root user, need to verify whether the H/W is really faulty or not.

login with root user,
dzgrep -i hardware /var/log/messages*

If no messages are show up, this would not be actual hardware issue. So run change LED status to the normal. If you seen H/W related messages, please skip below command and call our technical support.

changing LED status.
/usr/local/bin/set_LED_status -c

Confirm Power LED is turn solid green.