spooler is filtering cdm metrics and is not sending it to the HUB
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spooler is filtering cdm metrics and is not sending it to the HUB


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


One robot stopped showing cdm metrics in OC.

The <nimsoft>/robot/spooler.log show that the cdm metrics are filtered and not being sent to the hub:

Dec 23 09:56:16:780 [0001] 3 spooler:  head  mtype=100 cmd=post seq=0 addr= subject=QOS_MESSAGE pri=1 dev_id=D7EC5533CE872154F514672B7E85D5272 met_id=M48728DBD8CDEE6F17F159C0C5F21E14C prid=cdm
Dec 23 09:56:16:780 [0001] 3 spooler:  data  qos=QOS_DISK_USAGE_PERC source=robot01 target=<atrget> sampletime=1640274976 sampletype=0 samplevalue=60.554885 samplestdev=0.000000 samplerate=300 samplemax=100
Dec 23 09:56:16:780 [0001] 3 spooler: splAddSource - override ip ##.##.##.## with robotip ##.##.##.##
Dec 23 09:56:16:780 [0001] 5 spooler: (Metric Plugin): M48728DBD8CDEE6F17F159C0C5F21E14C (cdm) matched (0 configs)
Dec 23 09:56:16:780 [0001] 4 spooler: (Metric Plugin): M48728DBD8CDEE6F17F159C0C5F21E14C filtering
Dec 23 09:56:16:780 [0001] 5 spooler: (Metric Plugin): Processing pipeline finished, 0 messages output

Using Tools->DrNimbus confirmed this. No cdm metrics are arriving to the hub from this robot.


  • Release: 20.3
  • Component: UIM - ROBOT


  • When using MCS profiles the robot spooler will check the incoming metrics against the plugin_metric.cfg and filter any unwanted/unselected qos.
  • In this situation the spooler is acting as a filter to ensure only the mcs UI metrics are sent to the db and visible for the device.
  • It may occur that even when not using MCS the spooler filters the metrics against the plugin_metric.cfg, hence the 6 steps described in the resolution section will correct the problem


First thing is to check whether the robot is part of an MCS group.

For this, click the device on Inventory view, and check the groups that appears under "Device Groups".

Take note of those groups.

Then go to Group view and see if any of them has any MCS profile assigned.

For instance on next image, there are several MCS profiles assigned to the group

If you will start managing the device using MCS, then make sure the profiles have the correct monitoring settings.

If you prefer not to use MCS, then remove the profile, or remove the device from the group.


In any case, then please do the next step:

1. Remotely login on to the end robot(s) with the issue, backup and delete the existing plugin_metric.cfg file (path: ..\Nimsoft\plugins\plugin_metric)

2. (Re-) deploy the latest supported robot_update version on the end robot(s) with the issue

(Note: Perform the above step, i.e. re-deploy the robot_update on the end robot with the issue even if the end robot is currently running on the latest version) 

3. Confirm that the default plugin_metric.cfg is recreated

4. Delete the end robot(s) with the issue from Operator Console Inventory (uncheck Prevent rediscovery)

5. Wait for the end robot(s) with the issue to appear back in the Inventory. The Monitoring profiles will redeploy after the robot is displayed in the group again (If you are using MCS).

6. Check the plugin_metric.cfg on the end robot(s) with the issue and verify if it has been updated

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