Unable to logout after persistent session times out
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Unable to logout after persistent session times out


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If a user's session exceeds the idle timeout threshold and then the user attempts to log out, the user's browser receives a 500 error.

Error in webagent trace logs:

[03/09/2021][10:19:09][58116][2759788288][CSmLowLevelAgent.cpp:3434][LogoutSession][00000000000000000000000059e0810b-e304-60473d8d-a47f0700-14fb2a5b1ef0][*][][ukd006_ihcm][/][rBNEWTON_FIT3][Calling LogoutSession for session 'OfxOjbz0fmxVThzw7XSlsgOBsYs='.]
[03/09/2021][10:19:09][58116][2759788288][CSmLowLevelAgent.cpp:4560][LogoutSession][][][][][][][Session not logged out.]
[03/09/2021][10:19:09][58116][2759788288][CSmSessionManager.cpp:167][CSmSessionManager::EstablishSession][00000000000000000000000059e0810b-e304-60473d8d-a47f0700-14fb2a5b1ef0][*][][ukd006_ihcm][/][rBNEWTON_FIT3][LowLevelAgent was unable to logout session.]




This is a defect. Since the user does not have a valid session, indeed, the session could not be logged out, but it is also true that the user has no proper session, and that's the state the user is requesting, thus, an appropriate message should be returned rather than a 500 error.




Upgrade the Policy Server to 12.8SP7 to fix this issue (1).


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    Defects Fixed in 12.8.07

      | Salesforce Case Number | Internal Defect ID | Issue Description               |
      | 32649263, 33157671     | DE511328           | An FCC-based logout results in  |
      |                        |                    | HTTPS 500 error when it is      |
      |                        |                    | accessed by a user with a timed |
      |                        |                    | out persistent session.         |