Simple UIM superpackage
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Simple UIM superpackage


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Create a simple superpackage (superpack) with UIM to be distributed to many robots.


Release : Any
Component : IM





1. Edit a single cdm probe on the source you would like to mimic

2. Drag the probe (selecting it on the robot) to the archive from the fully configured source (robot) 

3. 'Configuration Only' should be checked

-click on the name > Rename (give a name that correlates to your intent)
-click OK

4. Double click on the new package in the archive

5. Modify the .cfx per your requirements (Files Tab > Edit file)

6. In the edit dialog the modified configuration file will show. If the superpackage is intended to change something specific, only leave the needed section:  

Example Scenario: 

You want to deploy the option below to many robots: 

The IM Controller GUI Option: 

which corresponds to key: 

   set_qos_name = yes

in the CDM.cfx only leave the section to overwrite. 

The file should look like this: 

7. Add additional OS tabs as needed

8. Test in lab/development prior to distributing in production to validate the expected outcome.