White labeling in OC 20.4 is not consistent
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White labeling in OC 20.4 is not consistent


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In UIM 20.4, I have added my company logo to the Operator Console as per the following document.  

However, this only seems to impact the main page, and when logging in the logo reverts to the CA/Broadcom logo on the OC pages.


Release : 20.4

Component :


We now have two versions of the logo which need to be updated.  This allows you to use a larger version for the main login page and a smaller or different logo for each internal page of Operator Console.

The file you normally edit is /Nimsoft/probes/service/wasp/conf/logo.svg and this is now only used on the main page.

The other file is /Nimsoft/probes/service/wasp/conf/logostacked.svg and this file should be replaced with whatever logo you want to use on the individual pages.

.SVG is the only supported format.