Can we share Groups under 'My Custom Groups'?
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Can we share Groups under 'My Custom Groups'?


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How to share to other a Custom Group created by a user with limited privileges

We have a user that has created their Groups under the 'My Custom Groups' folder. Can these be shared with other users?


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Functioning as designed


There is no way to share Groups created under 'My Custom Groups' between users. Only the user that created a Group under their 'My Custom Groups' folder can view that Group.

It would be an Enhancement Request to request a change to this functionality. This request has been submitted to Product Management. If additional information about the request contact your Account Director (AD) or Customer Service Manager (CSM) for input or to express urgency for the request to be fulfilled. When doing so for this request reference it using request ID DE523943.

In order for more than one user to see a Group it must be created outside of the users 'My Custom Groups' folder.

Once the Group is created ensure other users that need to view the Group have access to the Group via their Access Permissions rights.

Once the Group is created ensure other Users that need to manage or edit the Group have access to do so via their Administer Groups rights.