Read permissions allow you to delete documents in Modern UX
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Read permissions allow you to delete documents in Modern UX


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A locked attachment can be deleted on the New User Experience (UX) grid


  1. Log into the Classic UI
  2. Use an existing project or create a new one
  3. Add some members via the team tab
  4. Add one or more documents via the project collaboration tab in the Classic UI
  5. Select an added document then Actions -> Permissions
  6. Set the team members to have Read permissions to the document/s
  7. Log into the Modern UX as one of the team members of the project
  8. Click on the Collaboration View
  9. Select one of the documents added in step 2 then the Action Menu on the right to click Delete

Expected Results: The Delete is not there and cannot be deleted like it is in the Classic UI

Actual Results: The document is deleted


Release : 16.0.0 and higher


This is working as designed. 


When the 'Documents' module was introduced to Projects, the goal was to streamline and simplify user access to documents. The decision was made to NOT bring forward the Classic document management capabilities to the MUX.