Getting "No Subkey found" error in weblogic probe
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Getting "No Subkey found" error in weblogic probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe


I'm able to create the resource successfully (not enabled Autodiscovery). But under the profile not able to find any instances for example in com.bea folder not able to find any instances - getting "No Subkey found" error.


  • Release: 20.1 or higher
  • Component: UIM - WEBLOGIC
  • WebLogic version:
  • Solaris OS: 11.4
  • WebLogic probe version: 1.61


- configuration



check all of the requirements and make sure they are all covered.

WebLogic Server versions supported include:

- 9.x
- 10.x
- 11g
- 12c
- 12cR2

Before configuring the probe please review and follow the 

WebLogic Preconfiguration Requirements

Please check all of the weblogic probe pre-requisites.

In particular, please deploy:

ci_defn_pack v1.60 or later

mps_language_pack 8.67 or later


the latest versions for hub and robot should be:

Upgrade the hub and robot if they are not currently at those versions.


Sometimes the probe jar files are not compatible with the Weblogic Server jar files that are monitored by the probe. You must ensure that both these jar files are compatible.

Follow these steps:

1. Copy the wlClient.jar file from your Weblogic Server Installation directory.
2. Paste the wlclient.jar file in the jar folder of the probe installation directory.
3. Restart the probe.


if that doesn't resolve the error, increase the weblogic probe java min/max memory to 2048/4096 via Raw Configure.

Then Deactivate-Activate it.

In this case the issue was resolved by following these steps.

Additional Information

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