LDAP Changes needed For CMGR 2.0 To CEM 6.0 Upgrade
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LDAP Changes needed For CMGR 2.0 To CEM 6.0 Upgrade


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When upgrading from Compliance Manager (CMGR) 2.0 to Compliance Event Manager (CEM) 6.0, if using the same MAPDB (from CMGR 2.0), are there any changes on the LDAP configuration (slapd.conf file) needed to keep the CMGR 2.0 information? There are some parameters in CEM 6.0 that were changed related to MAPDB:

#  xxx MOD Added cmgrPolicyDD  MAPDB stmt                   ###     
# xxx MOD Uncomment policy entity and policyclass          ###     
cmgrPolicyDD         MAPDB                                         
cmgrPolicyEntity     CEM                                           
cmgrPolicyClass      CACEM                                         
cmgrPolicySimFile    /var/CA/CEM/cai/cacem/ldap/policysim.csv      
# cmgrPolicyEntity   CMGR                                          
# cmgrPolicyClass    CACMGR                                        
# cmgrPolicySimFile  ./policysim.csv                               
## Uncomment dblocation for using CM with DB2 for cmgr_utf database
# xxx MOD

cmgrPolicyEntity and cmgrPolicyClass were changed to the new version. Should the same name from CMGR 2.0 be kept?


Release : 6.0


If the question is only about cmgrPolicyEntity and cmgrPolicyClass, then depending on if you ran the updated security jobs, these values might need to be different. If you ran the security jobs from the **.custom.joblib (J00170SA or J00180SA), then you may need to use the updated definitions for CEM. The updated definitions are:

  • cmgrPolicyEntity   CEM  
  • cmgrPolicyClass    CACEM