Not able to discover server with hostname using SNMP collector
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Not able to discover server with hostname using SNMP collector


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have added the IP and hostname in server host file. We are able to ping IP and hostname.

In our environment We have servers having management IP, hostname and production IP.

Management IP used for internal purpose and customer's uses hostname and production IP. So customer don't know about the management IP.

when we try to monitor(SNMP Collector) servers we are discovering and configuring using Management IP.

While discovering with Hostname we are getting IP only in the Profile list.


UIM 20.3 & Later




Follow the below step:-

you need to create a new profile in snmpcollector with the hostname as the profilename instead of the IP and then it should populate the data correctly.  But the old data would still be listed under IP address... this could be merged together with the new data in theory, but it's difficult to merge large volumes of data.

(see also )

So if the you wanted to fix this you would need to:

- create new snmpcollector profile based on hostname

- allow data to be collected

- merge old data to new data (e.g. using SLM portlet)