What "No Match" refers to in the Merged Resources report
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What "No Match" refers to in the Merged Resources report


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IT Management Suite Asset Management Solution


The customer is seeing undesirable merges.

The customer asked what "No Match" refers to in the Merged Resources report (Reports > All Reports > Notification Server Management > Server > Resource Reports > Merged Resources).


ITMS 8.5, 8.6


Resources are merged if they have the same merge key with the same value.

The source of "No Match" entries happens when a forced resource merge takes place, not by resource keys. 
In this particular case, the merge is triggered by Asset scheduled task - 'Run Duplicate Computer Merge on Schedule'. The merge source is Altiris.AssetContractCommon.ExecuteDuplicateResourceMerge method.

The situation when the key field in the report contains the value "No Match" occurs when the resources were merged by another field (not by resource keys).
The logs show that the "Duplicate Computer Merge" task was launched.

This task automatically merges the computers that have identical System Number, Serial Number, or Barcode in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
When you use the Duplicate Computer Merge task to merge computers, the following restrictions apply:

  • The Duplicate Computer Merge task only lets you merge two computers that have duplicate system numbers, serial numbers, or barcodes in CMDB.
  • One of the duplicate computers to be merged must be a managed computer and the other must be an unmanaged computer.

You cannot merge two unmanaged computers.

The log shows that the computers were merged.


To avoid merging, both computers must be managed, then they will be skipped, or customers need to use additional task settings and add Ignore value or/and Exclude filter.