RedHat - ULM Agent not able to download any packages: Error = 2147483748
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RedHat - ULM Agent not able to download any packages: Error = 2147483748


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IT Management Suite


The issue seems to have started to occur after upgrade to 8.6 RU1 (was working fine in 8.5 RU4)

RedHat clients fail to update the plugins, and as discovered later they generally fail to download any packages.
To reproduce we have installed agent on clean RedHat client machine.

Agent installed with core plugins, but 3 additional plugins missing. (Inventory/Software Update/Software management)

When trying to download those plugin packages - client seems to receive codebase and going to correct Package Server. But strange error message which seems to block everything:

Failed to rename temporary snapdata file '/opt/altiris/notification/nsagent/var/packages/{E888801A-5C67-42DF-A699-07FACC26CE49}/snapdata.xml-new' to '/opt/altiris/notification/nsagent/var/packages/{E888801A-5C67-42DF-A699-07FACC26CE49}/snapdata.xml'. Error = 2147483748


ITMS 8.6 RU1


Known issue. The "2147483748" (0x8000 0064) is a "E_NOENT" error coming (No such file or directory) from AFile::Rename method from SDK. Looks like the file disappears from the disk while transport tries to rename it. 

According to the code, this issue could happen if "Legacy Communication Mode" (LAC) is turned ON on the SMP Server. The logs show that there is no signature provided with the package and the package is working in LAC mode. This triggers the bug with renaming the "snapdata.xml-new" file which does not exist in that case.


This issue should be addressed in our ITMS 8.6 RU2 release.

The fix includes:

  • The temporary "snapdata.xml-new" file should not be attempted to "Rename", in LAC mode, when no signature come from server.
  • Minor error reporting improvements.


For those using a previous version:

Disabling LAC mode will trigger hash re-calculation of all packages on SMP Server and Package Servers. Customers MUST NOT use LAC since 8.1, it MUST be turned OFF.

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