DOI - APMIA Azure Extension - disconnection
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DOI - APMIA Azure Extension - disconnection


Article ID: 230859


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DX Operational Intelligence


DX OI 21.3 installed on-prem.

APM infrastructure agent running with azure extension and connected to on-prem DX OI. 

APM infrastructure agent returning token error in logs

[INFO] [IntroscopeAgent.RESTMon] [[email protected]@azure.te_no_productivos~~azure_aks OAuthUtils] Refresh token is empty and requesting new token
 [INFO] [IntroscopeAgent.RESTMon] [[email protected]@azure.te_no_productivos~~azure_aks OAuthUtils] Connection String :
 [ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.RESTMon] [[email protected]@azure.te_serv_comunes~~azure_aks DataCollector] Error in executeUrlTasks is: 
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Authorization token required


Release : 21.3

Component :


 From the log analysis:

bypassed the original token authentication issue. Indeed, there is a problem accessing Azure

[ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.RESTMon] [[email protected]@azure.te_serv_comunes~~azure_app_services] Could not retrieve OAuth access token with details OAuth2Details(scope=user_impersonation, grantType=authorization_code, clientId=ea780245-df3f-47cd-a908-f68e099c0f8c, clientSecret=y8_7cCrq-8d2s21mQljp~l8~O_jNLLCXo9, encryption=null, encryptedClientSecret=null, username=null, authorityUri=, resourceId=, apiVersion=null, projectId=5908a7b5-6fcc-4b39-9712-772ae6aca372, clientSecretId=null, authorityTokenUri=null, authProviderCertUrl=null, clientCertUrl=null, accessToken=null, refreshToken=null, expiresAfter=0, headerPrefix=Bearer)
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: Network is unreachable (connect failed)


Need to configure the following two URLs in the reverse proxy server:

        - A client request to get Azure OAuth token at root '/' should be configured to the URL,

        - A client request at '/subscriptions/' should be configured to the URL,

Try Reverse proxy instead of Forward;

Refer to "Reverse Proxy Server Settings
" section at the following link to our documentation:

Install and Configure Azure Monitoring