Unexpected IW import rule mapping results from formula
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Unexpected IW import rule mapping results from formula


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Information Centric Analytics


When using a formula for an import rule mapping that specifies two or more source columns as parameter values, the second value entered is replaced with the first value in the import rule mapping's FormulaValue field.

For example, the following formula is to be used for the SourcePolicyName column in a DIM entity mapping:

{} + ' Matches:'+ {}

The parameter values to be used with this formula are the source columns Column1 and Column2. The expected instantiated formula should be this:

Stg_Source_componentName.[column1] + ' Matches:'+ Stg_Source_componentName.[column2]

Instead, the formula as applied is this:

Stg_Source_componentName.[column1] + ' Matches:'+ Stg_Source_componentName.[column1]


Release : 6.5.4

Component : Integration Wizard


The parameter names are stored correctly in IW_ImportRuleMappingPreProcessColumnFormula.ParameterValue but both parameter values are stored with the same PreProcessColumnID in IW_ImportRuleMappingPreProcessColumnFormula. Consequently, the function fnIW_GetFormulaText returns the first value in all instances.


This defect was fixed in version 6.6.