32 and 64 bit compatibility with Web Agent Option Pack on WebSphere 8.5
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32 and 64 bit compatibility with Web Agent Option Pack on WebSphere 8.5


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When trying to install the latest version of the Web Agent Option Pack 12.52 Sp1 CR11 on WebSphere 8.5 on windows 2019.

The issue for this WebSphere version is because of a mix of 32 and 64-bit libraries. Websphere 8.5 uses as the front end a 32bit IHS Web Server (1).

Websphere 8.5 can be deployed on 64-bit OS as a 64bit application, but the front-end web server (IHS 8.5) could be only 32-bit.

Initially installing the 32-bit Web Agent Option Pack on the Web Agent, but the DLL libraries can't be copied to WebSphere because they are incompatible.

Trying also to copy the 64-bit libraries collected from another system, but still, get an error and the WebSphere application hangs during startup.




By default, when running Web Agent Option Pack with WebSphere and front-end IHS, both WebSphere and IHS should be on the same bit version to make the CAPKI call compatible as WebSphere and IHS run on the same machine. The CAPKI environment variable is set for this which makes them incompatible. If the WebSphere 64-bit and IHS 32-bit are deployed on different machines then you should not see this issue as the environment variables set are independent on their machines.




Install IHS 64-bit on the machine where Web Agent Option Pack 64bit runs on WebSphere 64bit to solve this issue.


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