Jaspersoft studio connections fails via CA JDBC Adapter
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Jaspersoft studio connections fails via CA JDBC Adapter


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Clarity PPM On Premise


After upgrading to 19C DB on a clarity on-premise clarity setup we are no longer able to create adapter in Jaspersoft studio. 

Error Message: “Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: The server (http://<report_server>:8080/reportservice/) does not support this type of connection. Contact Administrator.”



Clarity 16.0 with Jaspersoft 7.8


The CA JDBC adaptor was mainly primarily developed keeping Clarity SAAS customers in mind. On-premise customers have always the option to fall-back in using regular SQL clients for DB connectivity and query needs. With Jaspersoft 7.8 Clarity SAAS and after PostgreSQL replaced Oracle in the SAAS deployments. Engineering discontinued further development and support for Jaspersoft 7.8 and Oracle Database JDBC connection. This being the primary reason why the Oracle 19c JDBC JAR is no longer provided via the jaspersoft studio ISO.

The JDBC Data adapter connection issue is also found while connecting to on-premise PostgreSQL DBs and that is expected as the JDBC adapter is only supported for SaaS Customers 



  1. Shut down the Jaspersoft 7.8 tomcat service.
  2. Delete all content in TEMP and WORK folders in the Tomcat directory
  3. In Jaspersoft 7.8 installer navigate to the below folder structure <Jaspersoft 7.8 installer>/overlay/env_specific/on_demand/WEB-INF 

    Copy applicationContext-pro-ca-rest.xml  file from <Jaspersoft 7.8 installer>/overlay/env_specific/on_demand/WEB-INF/applicationContext-pro-ca-rest.xml file to <Jaspersoft tomcat 9.0.37>/webapps/reportservice/WEB-INF/

    Copy jasperserver-jax-rs-rest-ca.jar file from <Jaspersoft 7.8 installer>/overlay/env_specific/on_demand/WEB-INF/lib to <Jaspersoft tomcat 9.0.37>/webapps/reportservice/WEB-INF/lib

  4. Start Jaspersoft tomcat service.


Optional step: Copy oracle OJDBC jar from <Jaspersoft 7.8 installer>buildomatic/conf_source/db/oracle/native.jdbc/ojdbc8- to Jaspersoft 7.9 Studio machine and provide the path the Data adapter driver