When to run dictionary updates against shared dictionaries
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When to run dictionary updates against shared dictionaries


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It is common practice to share dictionaries between multiple CVs, with each dictionary being in update mode in one CV and in retrieval mode in the rest.

During an upgrade cycle, if such CVs cannot be upgraded at the same time, how should the dictionary updates of any shared dictionaries be managed?


Release : All supported releases.
Component : IDMS/DB


The answer to this question is different for the various dictionaries.


The SYSTEM dictionary is central to the running of one particular CV and should not be shared.


SYSDIRL holds source components for IDMS reports. These really should be kept at the same release of the CAGJLOAD in use by a given CV. 

If SYSDIRL is being shared between CVs that will not be upgraded at the same time, reports may not work correctly for CVs where the SYSDIRL release does not match CAGJLOAD. If the period of time between the upgrades is going to be long, it is recommended to maintain separate SYSDIRL dictionaries for each release.

APPLDICT and others

For any other application dictionaries, it is recommended to run the dictionary updates at the time that the CV which has that dictionary in update mode is updated.

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