Error -4 returned by UVMS Installation error Node already exists
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Error -4 returned by UVMS Installation error Node already exists


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


A Dollar Universe 6 node was registered on a Subordinate UVMS and then removed from UVMS by mistake.

Then, the node was tried to be registered again in the UVMS but it could not be registered anymore with the following error:

./unims -register  -login loginname -pwd password -mshost UVMS -msport 4184 -host hostname -areaX -tags "TAG"  -label "15XXXXXXXX registered on 20220115_150000"  -mgrJEE
Reset of previous sync data.
Error -4 returned by UVMS: Installation error: Node already exists: DUAS/COMPANY/NODENAME (-1)


But when checking in the UVMS Database (both Master and Subordinate), the Node does not exist anymore.

The command to delete the node from the  UVMS also fails:

unidlt node -node NODENAME -company COMPANY -type DU6

0 node matching.


What can we do to declare the node again correctly?


Release : 6.x

Component : Univiewer Management Server

Architecture: Master / Subordinate


Unknown, most likely a memory related issue of the UVMS Cache.


A restart of both uvms (master and subordinate) allowed to fix the issue.

A "unims -unregister" followed by a "unims -register" of the problematic nodes did the trick.