Default filters in task list page randomly not working for users
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Default filters in task list page randomly not working for users


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Default filters set for use in tasks list page does not work consistently for users.

Randomly some Tasks that are supposed to be filtered out from Task list page gets displayed. The custom attribute used for filtering is a boolean attribute created on Task object.

The default setting for the boolean attribute is set to 'True' so all tasks that have their boolean attribute value set to 'False' should not get displayed however this condition is honored at all times. 

There is a custom boolean attribute created on the Task object which is set as 'Yes' for tasks which gets created from project template and are used for financial purposes. Some Key and Milestone tasks are also created at the time of project creation, and hidden field is set as 'No' for these tasks.


Release : 15.9.2



This behaviour can occur if the Clarity has multiple application server nodes and Clarity application server flips from one node to another whiles the user is working on the Task list page.

The app-access.log file would reveal the url of the page being accessed from the multiple nodes and their corresponding timestamps as well as Clarity session IDs.


To prevent this issue occurring ensure there is a sticky session set in the Load Balancer. This will prevent the flipping between Clarity nodes whiles end users are working in Task list page.