Migrating jaspersoft server from one Tomcat to another
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Migrating jaspersoft server from one Tomcat to another


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Clarity PPM On Premise


There is a security issue which warrants the need to update Jaspersoft tomcat home home from a vulnerable Tomcat release to another. This knowledge article walks through the options that one can consider to achieve this tomcat home migration. 

Note: These steps can also be used to fix corruptions on the Jaspersoft Home directory. 


Clarity - all supported releases. 


Option 1:

The best option for this is to do a fresh installation of Jaspersoft 7.8 and during the install prompt point to the new Tomcat Home and existing Jaspersoft DB.

Select Jaspersoft 7.8 "cluster" installation option and the secondary node option as follows:

Select Installation Mode
 1) Standalone
 2) Cluster

Choose option [1]:

Select the Cluster Node
 1) Primary
 2) Additional (Web-app Deploy Only)

Proceed with the DB type and input the DB details. There will a connection check and the installation would succeed immediately unlike a primary node installation option.

This would ensure that the existing DB can be used and will only do a new JS app installation. 


Option 2:

This option can be considered as an alternate to cases if there are many customised configurations in the old tomcat home:

  1. Stop tomcat service and take a backup of the existing Tomcat folder.
  2. Install a new version of Tomcat(example: 9.0.39).
  3. From the older tomcat installation copy
    $TOMCAT_OLD_HOME/webapps/reportservice to new tomcat folder
  4. After the copy is complete, navigate to the older tomcat directory and copy the folder
    “.jaspersoft” to new tomcat folder. $TOMCAT_OLD_HOME/.jaspersoft to
  5. Navigate to $TOMCAT_NEW_HOME/.jaspersoft and edit the file called
    Find the line which says appServerDir and validate if it’s referring to the new tomcat
    directory. Make the necessary changes.
  6. Navigate to $TOMCAT_OLD_HOME/lib and copy the DB jar file (example If oracle was the chosen DB the jar file will be ojdbc8- to
    . Copy the server.xml and other files from $TOMCAT_OLD_HOME/conf directory which
    have been changed in the older tomcat version to the new one.
  7. Startup tomcat in new version and validate.