Unable to enter FQHN as Spectrum Data Source host name in PC Portal
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Unable to enter FQHN as Spectrum Data Source host name in PC Portal


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps CA Spectrum


After upgrading DX NetOps Performance Management and DX NetOps Spectrum the integration between them is broken.

The Spectrum Data Source is failing to sync with the PC Portal.

Spectrum is configured to use HTTPS. It's certificate uses the Spectrum host names FQHN as the SAN name.

The Spectrum Data Source is configured to use the IP address.

The Spectrum Data Source name specified does not match the HTTPS Certificate SAN name specified. This is required.

Trying to set the Spectrum FQHN as the Data Source Host Name fails due to the name length. The field shows a red Yield sign. Hovering over the field it returns a pop up that states:

This field cannot exceed 50 characters. Enter only up to 50 characters.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


The UI limits the host name character count to 50 when it should support many more.


Defect DE523422 was submitted to engineering to address this deficiency. It has been resolved by allowing sufficient character space for long FQHN entries. It is resolved starting with DX NetOps Performance Management release 21.2.8. Upgrade to that release or newer to obtain the resolution for this problem.

To resolve the issue in the current releases available take the following steps.

  1. Open a MySql prompt on the PC CLI. Go to (default path) /opt/CA/MySql/bin. Run this command and enter the password when prompted.
    1. ./mysql -uroot -p netqosportal
  2. Run the following to determine the SourceID value for the Spectrum Data Source.
  3. select sourceid, consolename from netqosportal.data_sources2;
  4. Run the following update command.
    1. Change <FQHN> to the FQHN of the host.
    2. Change <OCPort> to the HTTPS Port used to access the OC host
    3. Change the <SourceID> to the SourceID found in the command above from step 3.
    4. Command:
      1. update data_sources2 set ConsoleHost='<FQHN>',Host='<FQHN>',ConsolePort=<OCPort>,Port=<OCPort>,ConsoleProtocol='https',Protocol='https' where sourceid=<SourceID>;
    5. Sample command. Assumes Host Name is SpectrumHost.broadcom.com. Assumes OC HTTPS port in use is 8443. Assumes Spectrum SourceID value is 7.
      1. update data_sources2 set ConsoleHost='SpectrumHost.broadcom.com',Host='SpectrumHost.broadcom.com',ConsolePort=8443,Port=8443,ConsoleProtocol='https',Protocol='https' where sourceid=7;
  5. Exit the MySql prompt with the command:
    1. exit
  6. Log into the PC Portal web UI.
    1. Go to Administration->Data Sources->Data Sources
    2. Select the Spectrum Data Source
    3. Select the Resync button.
    4. Select the Resync button. DO NOT select the Full checkbox.

Note as a result of this further edits to the Spectrum Data Source will not be possible. The Display name will also remain unchanged.