Data Retention AXA 17.3
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Data Retention AXA 17.3


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CA Application Experience Analytics SaaS (AXA)


We have configure AXA 17.3 on-premise and I have a question about data retention. In the doc, I've linked below it says we need to ensure the Oracle data retention value is the same as the Elasticsearch value. There is instructions on how to change it for Elasticsearch but I am wondering how can I confirm or change the value for the Oracle database.


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Retention period:
Elastic retention period is by default set to 45 days. You can change it on the jarvis configuration ( and to 90 days to match other tiers (Dev, Trans, Prod)
For Oracle - While the documentation refers to a retention period, technically there is no pre-defined period.
We store data perpetually.
To keep data in sync, we recommend purging the Oracle DB with the help of your DBA once every 90 days.
Purge instructions and steps listed in the document below as well as sample SQL scripts.


1639590870236__DELETE-mdo-tables-30day-old.sql get_app
1639590854806__mdo-tables-30day-old.sql get_app
1639590827956__Purge RDBMS counter tables_84ca6b2e026e4a48b5cc91ee902943ec-151221-1117-124.pdf get_app