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Move of computer ignored, exit code: 16.


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Sometimes when a machine is doing 2 consecutive DOMAIN moves quickly (A->B and B->A) , Move Task is ignored and machine appears at both DOMAIN at the same time.

In Windows Event Viewer Application following message appears :

09/05/2021 12:54:07
Move of computer   with LAN ID compname from domain with LAN ID domainname ignored, exit code: 16.


- In RepMan logs we could see following lines when move is ignored :

141220-07:40:57.9688099L|002668|00000bf0|RepMan|RM:00|cmpmv.cxx|001527|INFO| ComputerMover - Computer_Get succeeded for: CompName
141220-07:40:57.9688476L|002668|00000bf0|RepMan|RM:00|cmpmv.cxx|002126|INFO| ComputerMover - Ignore the obsolete machine.


Client Automation 14.0 SP2
Client Autamation 14.5 CU1


This problem occurs when a computer is moving 2 times quickly.
Example :
10:00:00 - Computer C moves from Domain A to Domain B
10:01:00 - Engine on Domain B collects the registration info and Computer C is created in Domain B. A move task is created and scheduled to be executed in 2 minutes
10:02:00 - Computer C moves from Domain B to Domain A
10:02:30 - Engine on Domain A collects the registration info?
10:03:00 - Move task is executed on Domain B but as "Last Run Date" is more recent in Domain A the move is ignored.
Computer C is present in Domain A and Domain B


For Client Automation 14.0 SP2 :
Open a Case at CA Broadcom Technical Support requesting the fixes T533334 and T533354
Install the fixes in this order on the Domains Manager :
Then execute this :
ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/usd/Manager -pn CompMoveDeleteObsolete -v 1
For Client Automation 14.5 CU1 :
Open a Case at CA Broadcom Technical Support requesting the fix T533360
Then execute this :
ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/usd/Manager -pn CompMoveDeleteObsolete -v 1

Additional Information

With this fix, computer is deleted by the move task.
In Repman logs :
RepMan |RM:00  |cmpmv.cxx   |001117|DETAIL | ComputerMover - DeleteObsolete enabled

RepMan |RM:00 |cmpmv.cxx |001569|INFO | ComputerMover - Computer_Get succeeded for: JY-W10-IOT
RepMan |RM:00 |cmpmv.cxx |002168|INFO | ComputerMove - Asset back to previous DM?? Deleting the obsolete machine.
RepMan |RM:00 |cmpmv.cxx |002506|INFO | ComputerMover - Adding to list for deregistering with object Id: B1F54C32-782A-44BA-AE44-5AF88ABFD5E5 Computer name: JY-W10-IOT
RepMan |RM:00 |cmpmv.cxx |000998|DETAIL | ComputerMover - DeregisterTarget Entered:

RepMan |RM:00 |cmpmv.cxx |001008|INFO | ComputerMover - Deregistering computer with object Id: B1F54C32-782A-44BA-AE44-5AF88ABFD5E5
RepMan |SDGAPI |Compdac.cxx |000530|INFO | TNGSDG_Computer_Deregister[4]: Begin.

RepMan |SDGAPI |Compdac.cxx |000530|INFO | TNGSDG_Computer_Deregister[4]: End. Message: OK(0)
RepMan |RM:00 |cmpmv.cxx |001018|DETAIL | ComputerMover - DeregisterTarget Completed