Layer 7 10.1 platform patch
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Layer 7 10.1 platform patch


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CA API Gateway


We are installing Patch ID Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.X-CentOS-2021-11-23 on the 10.1 newly installed GW and we are getting the below message that This patch requires that the 10.X Platform Update be installed first.

Please see below.

Patch ID Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.X-CentOS-2021-11-23 (Upgrades the Layer7 API 64bit Platform to the 10.X-CentOS-2021-11-23 version. This patch requires that the 10.X Platform Update be installed first. It also requires a restart of the Layer7 API Gateway Appliance.) is INSTALLED, last modified on 2021-12-13T10:45:57-0800

please let us know if any patch (platform/security) patch is required after installed new 10.1 version GWs ?

Please check the screen shot, we are installing the 10.x platform patch itself then why we are getting this message.

if yes, please let us know.






Release : 10.1

Component :


Yes the platform patch is required

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