How to upgrade ITCM 14.5 domain manager to 14.5 CU1?
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How to upgrade ITCM 14.5 domain manager to 14.5 CU1?


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager


How to upgrade ITCM 14.5 domain manager to 14.5 CU1 ? 


Client Automation 14.5


Client Automation 14.5 CU1 is a patch update for Client Automation 14.5. 

The cumulative patch contains enhancements and bug fixes

Imp Note: Below steps are created using old cumulative patch 99111267.caz . New version of cumulative patch is 99111300.caz.  ( Replace the below steps with 99111300.caz). Apply this patch on the IT Client automation R14.5 release or on top of 99111267 patch (Previous Cumulative version) if its already applied. 


Perform the below steps for applying CU1 patch on Enterprise/Domain Manager. 

1. Download the files mentioned below and place in one folder. 

* Cazipxp.exe
* Applyptf.exe (RO79605.caz)
* 99111267.caz ( Manager cumulative patch)

2. Unzip applyptf and 99111267.caz patches using below commands.( Should from same folder path). 

cazipxp -u RO79605.caz
cazipxp -u 99111267.caz

This will shows the files unzipped as below. 

3. Now from same path , execute applyptf silent installation command. For Example:( modify as per your files path)

Note: Applyptf GUI installation will not work on latest windows OS . It will show registry error. Option is to user applyptf command line. 

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\New folder>APPLYPTF.exe /SILENT /OUTPUTFILE=C:\output.dat /DEBUGFILE=C:\debug1.dat /PTF=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\New folder\99111267.jcl /INSTALLAGAIN /INSTALLNEW /NODE=domainmanager name

4. If the command shifted to prompt . check the output files or HIS file in location CA\DSM. Entry of patch installation will 
be added as below. Installation will also create a folder in DSM\Bin\Backup

5. Go to backup folder and execute command postinstallpatch.bat as shown in below screenshots. 

6. Execution of Postinstallpatch.bat will end like this 

7. Now execute sqlscript_exec from DSM\Bin location. ( Make sure you have correct password for ca_itrm is set in this file). 

Execution will end like below. 

8. Now from patch unzipped directory , run wac_pm_cic_patchInstaller.bat. ( If you have Wac and patchmanager installed).
Exuection will take some time and it will stop the caf . Finally it will display message like below and start caf. 

1 File(s) copied
"Starting IIS service... "
The World Wide Web Publishing Service service is starting.
The World Wide Web Publishing Service service was started successfully.

Above steps are required for complete CU1 patching on Domain/Enterprise Manager . 

IMP Note: Make sure to take Full Backup of MDB and Snapshot of VM before performing above steps.