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Identity Manager Integration: Category is Not Being Captured for Requests


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Suite


We've integrated Identity Manager(IM) with Service Desk Manager. We then built REST service calls in PolicyX in IM.

When logging and Incident,  the category is correctly populated in SDM. However, when the call is changed to a Request, with the same message, the category is not populated.

Sample REST Message
 "name": "Test for Log collection, Terminate BSS Access  for user C0000003 (C0000003)",
          "assigneeUserID": "IDMRequests",
          "assigneeGroup": "cnt:DEF4AFF5269CF34ABB36C958F797D1D8",
          "category": "pcat:111",
          "affectedCIID": "IDMRequests",
          "affectedEndUserID": "IDMRequests",
 "description": "Investigate: User C0000003 has been terminated. Please terminate corresponding BSS account: C0000003.",
 "comment": [
        "commentText": "Incident needs to be addressed immediately",
  "commentType": "assistance: invite end user to a session - incident"


Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Manual mappings:

  1. Login to imnimsm via http://<imserver:port>/iam/imnimsm/ui/login.jsp - use nimadmin for username and password
  2. Verify the required product (CA Service Desk in our case) is selected
  3. Note we have 2 types of CI available – Incident and Request. For incident, the category is mapped, by default.

    But this is not the case for request


  1. Mapping can be adjusted and saved. No restart is required. This is also a way to ensure requestor (requested_by) is populated – this has to be configured separately for incident and request