Information about IMRUSERATTR6 IM table
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Information about IMRUSERATTR6 IM table


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CA Identity Manager



I need some information from the IMRUSERATTR6 table

- What is the purpose of the table? is it a log storage table or is it transactional?

- Is the table periodically purged?



Release : 14.2

Component :


The table imruserattr6  is created by  ims_mssql_report.sql script related to report database.

Please, see  ./opt/CA/IdentityManager/IAM_Suite/IdentityManager/tools/imrexport/db/SqlServer/ims_mssql_report.sql contains these lines:

CREATE TABLE imruserattr6 (
    imr_reportid integer NOT NULL,
    imr_userdn    nvarchar(628) NOT NULL,
    imr_attrname   nvarchar(255) NOT NULL,
    imr_attrvalue  nvarchar(1024) NULL

CREATE  INDEX imruserattr6_index_2 ON imruserattr6 (imr_reportid, imr_attrname)
        INCLUDE (imr_attrvalue)

his table belongs to Reporting Database Schema Snapshot Reports

This table contains all the attributes of the users associated with each report snapshot.

This table provides the user attributes and their values.

Column Column type  Description

imr_reportid integer    Snapshot id

imr_userdn  nvarchar(628) 

User dn (unique identifier)

imr_attrname nvarchar(255) User related attribute name

imr_attrvalue nvarchar(628) User related attribute value

In order to manually delete snapshots using the Identity Manager UI, please follow these steps:

1. Login to Identity Manager UI as a user with permissions to manage the reporting / snapshot tasks (or use System Manager who should have access to these tasks by default, unless changed)

2. Select Reports tab > Snapshot tasks

3. Select Manage Snapshot Definitions > Modify Snapshot Definition

4. Perform search and select the snapshot you would like to remove instances of

5. Go to Maintenance tab and select the specific snapshots you would like to get rid of, then click delete

It's high recommend backing up the snapshot database before running any delete action, just in case we deleted the wrong data.

We hope this information has been helpful and enables to run the clean up old snapshots.