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Users report the scheduled Advanced Report emails are not being received


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Clarity PPM SaaS


A number of Clarity Advanced Reporting reports are scheduled and our users should be receiving the reports via email from the Clarity SaaS system and we stopped receiving them 2 -3 weeks ago.


Release : All



Clarity Support is able to check the email logs to see if the email left the Clarity SaaS system successfully or not.

In order to search logs, please provide the following details:

  1. The email address or list of email addresses not receiving the email
  2. The date and time that the report or notification email would have been generated by Clarity Saas system.

Support can check the SendGrid email logs for delivery issues or bounce-backs for the email address. We are not able make any determinations based on logs regarding what occurred to the email once it has been handed off to your email servers.  If an email is delayed, support will need a copy of the email attached to the case so that we can investigate headers to determine the amount of time that the email spent being relayed to your inbox.