ZVM 7.2 support
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ZVM 7.2 support


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Mainframe VM Product Manager


 We're going to be migrating a number of of ZVM 7.1 systems to ZVM 7.2 in the near future. Other than the text decks for VMSECURE and the VMNDLK72 Text file, are there any PTFs we should have applied to the other products in the suite? We've been rolling out service recently so we should be reasonably current on the various products. Any known issues? A number of these LPARs are going to be configured with 4TB of main storage. Any concerns about that? 


Release : 1.2

Component : VM Product Manager


Here's a summary of what's required for z/VM 7.2 support for the VM:Manager products;

First, apply PTF SO10980 for the VM Product Manager which is RSU-1901. 
Next, apply PTF SO15166, version 4 of the Directory Reader and System Diagnose code, also required for z/VM 7.2.

For VM:Secure, apply VM:Secure RSU-2001 available in PTF SO11972 and apply VM:Secure PTFs SO13865 and SO14443 on top which are specific to z/VM 7.2.

Here's the link to VM:Secure 3.2 solutions where you'll find downloads for all of the mentioned solutions/PTFs:



For the other VM:Manager products, most just need their latest RSU PTFs.

VM:Spool r1.8 + RSU-1901  (RSU-1901 = PTF SO10985)

VM:Backup r3.6 + RSU-1901  (RSU-1901 = PTF SO11064)

VM:Operator r3.1 + RSU-1901  (RSU-1901 = PTF SO10949)

VM:Archiver r2.4 + RSU-1901  (RSU-1901 = PTF SO11143)

VM:Schedule r2.0 + RSU-1901   (RSU-1901 = PTF SO11030)  *plus*  PTF SO11328 on top

VM:Tape r2.0 + RSU-1901 (RSU-1901 = PTF SO11047) *plus* PTF SO14588 on top.

VM:Batch r1.4 + RSU-1901 (RSU-1901 = PTF SO11090). 

v/SEG r1.7 + RSU-1901 (RSU-1901 = SO11149) *plus* PTFs SO12953, SO14416 and SO15209.