Office 365 File path exclusion for Securlets in Enforce
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Office 365 File path exclusion for Securlets in Enforce


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How to use a path exclusion in Application Detection Configuration on Enforce for Office 365 Securlet, particularly for OneDrive:


Release: 15.x

Component: Enforce, CASB


By design, this option applies only to BOX Securlet. Refer to CASB support article Monitor and remove exposures of sensitive files

For the Box cloud service, you can select specific folders the policy applies to or specific folders that are exempt from the policy. You must specify folders by their full path from the root folder (usually "All Files"), including leading and trailing slashes, as shown in the following.

The same applies to configuration on Enforce.


You may use folder patch exclusion in the policy, as per the example below:

- Contextual Rule / Attribute: Application Name / Any Of / Application Name: Securlets Office 365OneDrive

- Exception / Condition:  Contextual Rule matches Value / Attribute: String Attribute / Name: common.doc.parentFolderId / Match: f5133db9-02f4-4e91-8455-xxxxxxxxxxxx / Match Type: Matches exactly, ignore case