Best Practices When Creating New OBS
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Best Practices When Creating New OBS


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Clarity PPM On Premise


There are updated business requirements from the user community, where a new independent OBS will need to be created from an existing OBS.
Is there any guidance that can be provided?


Outline the business requirements to implement and reflect the business changes with Clarity.

Support will support the creation and changes of OBS units, however implementing OBS hierarchy and changes should be reviewed by a consulting partner to go through the business requirements, implementation, and maintenance of such a design.

Build and test in a lower environment before promoting to Production and keep the following as guidelines:

1. Find out the hierarchical structure / change of the OBS.
2. Create an OBS to identify a specific change to the hierarchy.
3. Move user(s) to the new OBS unit path
4. If there are any groups that need to be changed or created to accommodate the changes, do so.
5. Test if the functionality has not changed for the test user(s).
6. Fully add/move users to the OBS unit path changes. 


Additional Information

Here is the link to the community post regarding initial setup that can be helpful for reference: