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VIP Manager login fails with "We Are Temporarily Unable to Process Your Request"


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VIP Service


Logging into VIP Manager fails with We Are Temporarily Unable to Process Your Request. This Web site is currently experiencing technical difficulties. If the problem continues, contact Symantec Customer Support.

This occurs when an administrator attempts to use a security code or when requesting a temporary security code. 


The credential ID assigned to the VIP administrator is locked.


VIP tokens cannot be unlocked by another VIP administrator. Another VIP administrator with permission to modify other administrators can remove the existing credential ID from within VIP Manager. The VIP Access app with the locked credential ID should be reinstalled to generate a fresh credential ID that can be added manually or during the next VIP Manager login attempt. 

Note: If removing an existing credential ID is not an option (i.e, admin is using a hard token), the primary VIP administrator can open a VIP support case and request a token unlock. The email address of the requesting admin must match VIP Manager.