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RPT - 0009 error found while running reports via Reports and Jobs menu


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are not able to run reports via Reports and Jobs at all. The following exception is found while running the report via Clarity reports and jobs we are getting the following error:

RPT - 0009 error - Report did not complete in stipulated time.


WARN  2022-02-28 07:26:41,697 [https-jsse-nio2-8443-exec-2] niku.union (clarity:AVARADY:187304853__D5DA919E-2240-47F8-8C02-97A60676AD19:nmc.executeAvailReport)RPT-0009: Report Scorecard did not complete in the stipulated time. Please try modifying the filter or schedule the report and view later from the Report Library. was not found in file:


Clarity 15.9.3 and Jaspersoft 7.8


  1. Stop the Jaspersoft Tomcat service

  2. Clear the application server work directory:
    example: Delete all files in the Apache D:\Tomcat\apache-tomcat-9.0.37\work folder

  3. Clear the application server Temp directory
    example: Delete files and folders in the D:\Tomcat\apache-tomcat-9.0.37\temp folder.

  4. Restart the Tomcat

Additional Information

As per Jaspersoft documentation:

Clearing the Application Server Work Folder

Application servers have work folders where JasperReports Server files are compiled and cached and other

objects are stored. When you update the WAR file or license, the buildomatic deploy-webapp-pro target

should automatically clear the application server’s work directory, but it’s a good practice to double-check. A

permission problem, or some other problem, could prevent the clearing of the work folder.


Clearing the Application Server Temp Folder

JasperReports Server uses caching to speed operations within the application. Caching files are created and

stored in the application server, usually in a temp folder. Clear this temp folder to avoid any post-upgrade